moore park schoolTreatment Plant Rectification, Department of Public Works

Taylor Environmental worked with a project team including Department of Public Works, Q Build and GHD to rectify a sewerage treatment plant which has been exceeding EPA license limits for nitrates and pH for some time. Due to the location of the STP next to a protected wetland, and the lack of a full time operator, it was important to deliver robust and long term solutions. Taylor Environmental have been able to identify a solution where previous consultants have withdrawn from the project without success. Through installation of a new DO probe and aeration system, together with carbon dosing and modification of alum dosing, the treatment plant has been shown to consistently meet performance requirements. The project has operated as a trial for the design and implementation of methanol dosing in small (<100 EP) treatment plants. The success of this project has resulted in Taylor Environmental being engaged by Department of Public Works to resolve performance problems on a number of other treatment plants in schools around Queensland.